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TCR Agent Contractual

Agents Terms and Conditions

LEVEL 1, 2, 3, 4 AGENT

1. Agent must complete T.R.C.’s profile with clear and accurate information.

2. Agent must be an Independent Contractor with “The Red Collection”.

3. T.R.C. will direct an Agent to manage all online fundraisers, reseller products, and grass root events.

4. Agent will execute email address gathering from fundraiser, submit orders of reseller products, and submit orders of grass root events.

5. Agent must answer to T.R.C. when any ethical violations are raised.

6. T.R.C. reserve the right to cancel or suspend in definitely Agent Contract at any time, if any question of breach of contract, or ethical impropriety.

7. Fundraiser is required to generate tax forms for agents, for example: (1099) for Independent Agents to render services.

8. Agents are responsible for your own taxes.

9. Fundraiser will be trained by your agent to approach potential donor if project requires.

10. Lead Agent will recruit Businesses and Sponsors to support Fundraiser.

11. Agent will not enter into contract with contracted sponsors, fundraisers, organizations, groups, person or persons that are active or inactive with T.R.C.

12. Agent will not train, counsel, consult, start-up, merge, and work for any organizations, groups, person or persons with T.R.C. concepts, formats, or procedures in a business or volunteer basis with outside businesses organization.

13. If breach of contractual agreement while under active contract or inactive contract, Agent and all business using procedures or format of T.R.C. business model, will automatically forfeit 10% of gross profit of business.

14. Agents are responsible for scheduling, booking, event planning, and submission of purchasing orders for reseller products and grass roots events.

15. All Communications (phone, fax, email, text, quotes, invoice, order, memo, letter, approval or notice) between Fundraiser and Goods and Services are to be brokered by assigned Agent or T.R.C.

16. Agent will provide Sponsors that will fit the requirements of the fundraiser’s needs, if not provided by T.R.C.

17. Fundraiser’s Payment Transaction will receive 100% of funds donated, then by split payment from fundraiser will pay out immediately to Agent:

Daily Manager


Media Management

LEVEL 1 – 5%LEVEL 1 – 5%
LEVEL 2 – 4%LEVEL 2 – 4%
LEVEL 3 – 3%LEVEL 3 – 3%
LEVEL 4 – 2%LEVEL 4 – 2%

18. Agents must support promotions of the Online Shopping Programs that help support Fundraiser’s maintenance, website updates, website hosting, website store, sponsor’s ads, database, an online drives.

19. Agents will receive emails of all transaction that details your services render; keep all emails for record.