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1. Fundraiser must complete “THE RED COLLECTION” profile with clear and accurate information.

2. Proof of your Tax Status (Copy of Certificate or Letter of Determination) or Non-Profit, Charity, or 501(c)(3).

3. Fundraiser is responsible for all taxes. (Check with your tax examiner).

4. Crowd Raising Fundraiser must be responsible for all taxes; (Check with your Tax Examiner).

5. Crowd Raiser/Fundraiser is an individual raising money; donations are a gift. Donor can’t write off gifs. (Check with your Tax Examiner)

6. Fundraiser must be responsible for all taxes related to all Fundraiser Business.

7. Fundraiser Representative must notify T.R.C. with letter of intent; 30 days before unscheduled cancelation.

8. Fundraiser Deposits, Invoices, Orders and Fees that have been decided must be paid by Fundraiser; aside from cancelation.

9. Fundraiser organization must answer to T.R.C. when any ethical violations are raised.

10. T.R.C. Reserve the right to cancel or suspend in definitely fundraiser at any time, if any question of breach of contract or ethical impropriety.

11. No refunds of fees, billed invoices, Reseller orders, deposits and project fundraiser drives under contract.

12. Final decision on fundraiser status on website page and website will be decided by T.R.C.

13. Fundraiser Organization must not enter into additional contract with any other organizations, businesses, funding drives and projects while fundraising under contract with T.R.C.

14. Fundraiser will be trained by your agent to approach, send, or contact potential donors if project requires training.

15. Fundraiser will not enter contract with contracted Sponsors, Agents, Organizations, Groups, person or persons that are active and inactive with T.R.C.

16. Fundraiser Organization will not train, counsel, consult, start, merge, organize, work for, employ, any organizations, groups, person or persons, with knowledge of concepts, formats, procedures, and in a business or volunteer basics with other organization without the knowledge and approval of concepts pertaining to T.R.C.

17. All Communications (phone, fax, email, text, quotes, invoice, order, memo, letter, approval, and notice) between Fundraiser and goods and Services are to be brokered by assigned Agent of T.R.C.

18. T.R.C. negotiates and set all Sponsors and Reseller Product pricing with T.R.C.

19. Fundraiser Organization must be responsible for each submission of project approvals, funding request, invoices, bills, payment of services and T.R.C. request, be present for updates schedule deadlines, and prompt for appointments. If fail to do so, fundraiser organization will be hailed responsible for projects and events failed to reach expected goals.

20. Fundraiser’s agenda will be carried out by the organization in cooperation with T.R.C. management.

21. T.R.C. management will provide marketing leads; reseller product services, online funding page, social media, Project scheduling.

22. T.R.C. will manage reports. The merchant service system and direct pay out of funds for Fundraiser, & Crowd Raising and Agents.

23. Fundraiser (Organization) must keep and maintain funds for all goods and services of itemized Service Budget.

24. If Fundraiser fails to meet funds required for deposits, vendors fees, contracts, venues, supplies, balance payments, reseller products, design fees, advertisement, marketing fees, and all approved drives. Fundraiser will be in breach of contract with T.R.C.

25. All Stripe logs, emails of transaction will be directed to T.R.C. FOR FINAL REPORTING OF TRANSACTIONS.

26. 100% of Donation Transactions to T.R.C. platform: Merchant service takes it fees, then immediately new total 100% distributed to:

LEVEL 1 Fundraiser – receive 60% of each transaction.
LEVEL 3 Fundraiser – receive 80% of each transaction.
LEVEL 2 Fundraiser – receive 70% of each Transaction.
LEVEL 4 Fundraiser – receive 90% of each Transaction.

27. T.R.C. reserves all rights to manage merchant service, website, website page, online resellers, shopping, sponsors, agents, social media and email marketing.

28. Fundraisers’ Organization (Seller) will be responsible for purchasing budget, all purchasing, reseller products and services. Inventory of products, services, mailing of all products and services purchased on website.

29. Fundraisers’ Organization (Seller) will be solely responsible, liable, and insuring all for products, services, returns of products, disputes of transactions, donations, and purchases on website with Stripe Merchant Services.

30. Fundraiser (Primary Account Holder) is responsible for all Merchant Services Transaction fees.

31. Fundraiser must promote the Online Shopping Programs that help support Fundraiser’s maintenance, website updates, website hosting, website store, sponsor’s ads, database, an online drives.

32. All Active Members or Volunteers must provide successfully, 100 donor’s emails for Marketing Blitz.

33. All Active Members or Volunteers of Fundraiser must actively recruit 25 potential donors each month for active online fundraiser. Reports come from Email Logs.

34. Member or volunteers must promote the Online Shopping Programs that help support Fundraiser’s maintenance, website updates, website hosting, website store, sponsor’s ads, database, an online drives.

35. Fundraiser organization must keep appropriate funds available in step with timeline of fundraiser service budget account.

36. All Live Events and Live Streaming Events must be carried out by active members of organization, T.R.C. representatives, broker, agents, media agents, and sales agents will not be present for events.

37. Active board members are required to attend all scheduled virtual meetings, after agreed an approved upon schedule.