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  1. Donating Member must complete T.R.C.’s profile with clear and accurate information.
  2. Members automatically qualify for raffles hold by fundraiser you are registered with.
  3. Members will be honorably recognized for support on website or social media.
  4. Member will receive an invoice (voucher receipt) for your contributions and support each month.
  5. Member reserve the right to choose another Fundraiser when the membership expires.
  6. Membership fee is $25.00 a month for your fundraiser you support; active or inactive online.
  7. Member must agree with automatic billing.
  8. Memberships are 1-12 month duration; when duration is up, membership can be renewed.
  9. Members get exclusive rights to shop online with wholesale, discounted pricing only at the request of the fundraiser generosity.
  10. To qualify for gifts with the Fundraiser Page or Web Store. Membership must actively recruit 5 donors each per month for your fundraiser; each recruited donor must donate and note (In your name). Recruiting by email or social media and other ways that are sectioned by fundraiser.
  11. Members must have proof of donation with Invoice number (Voucher receipt number from donors; the must indicate on their receipt in your name).
  12. Unscheduled Membership cancelation must be given 30 day notice with members code indicated in notice by e-mail or fax for cancelation to be valid for the next monthly cycle.
  13. Membership must promote the Online Shopping Programs that help support Fundraiser’s maintenance, website updates, website hosting, website store, sponsor’s ads, database, an online drives by carrying an online presence of support.

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